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Alexandre David started his career in the video-game industry, before joining Eureka as a trainer and consultant in blockchain technology, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

A self-taught professional, he continues to open to other disciplines including web and mobile design.

He has published articles in several specialized magazines including ITR Manager.

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By Alexandre David on Paris Innovation Review

Since her departure from JP Morgan Chase to become CEO of Digital Asset Holdings, Blythe Masters, the renowned economist and market operator, initiated a speaking tour dedicated to blockchains. During the Exponential Finance Conference held on June 2nd 2015, she declared that “financial blockchain applications will be measured in the trillions.” Since this sensational announcement, specialized firms have been receiving many calls that all revolve around the same issue: “How will the blockchain technology help us take the ascendancy in our industry?” Today, there is a real curiosity, but above all, a need for education on the subject of Bitcoin and Ethereum protocols, as well as “blockchain technology.”
Depuis que Blythe Masters a quitté JP Morgan Chase pour prendre les rênes de Digital Asset Holdings, la célèbre économiste et opératrice de marché a entamé une tournée de conférences pour parler de la blockchain. Le 2 juin 2015, elle déclarait que les applications financières blockchain se mesureront en milliers de milliards de dollars. Depuis cette annonce fracassante, les cabinets spécialisés reçoivent beaucoup d'appels qui tournent tous autour de la même question : comment la technologie blockchain pourrait-elle nous aider à prendre l'ascendant dans notre secteur? Il existe aujourd'hui une vive curiosité, mais aussi et surtout un véritable besoin de pédagogie sur le sujet des protocoles Bitcoin et Ethereum, ainsi que sur la technologie blockchain.

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