Charles Wyplosz / Professor of International Economics and Director of the International Centre for Money and Banking Studies, Graduate Institute, Geneva

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Charles Wyplosz is Professor of International Economics at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva where he is Director of the International Centre of Money and Banking Studies (ICMB).

Previously, he has served as Associate Dean for Reserach and Development at INSEAD and Director of the PhD program in Economics at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Science Sociales in Paris. He has also been Director of the International Macroeconomics Programme of CEPR, the leading European network of economists.

His main research areas include European monetary integration, monetary policy, fiscal policy discipline and regional integration in various parts of the world. He is the co-author, jointly with Michael Burda, of a popular textbook on Macroeconomics and, jointly with Richard Baldwin, of the leading textbook on European economic integration. He was a founding Managing Editor of the review Economic Policy. He serves on several boards of professional reviews and European research centres. He is a regular columnist in such newspapers as the Financial Times, Le Monde, Libération, Le Temps, Finanz und Wirtschaft, and Handelsblatt.

Currently a member of the Panel of Experts of the European Parliament's Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee and of the "Bellagio Group", Charles Wyplosz is an occasional consultant to the European Commission, the IMF, the World Bank, the United Nations, the Asian Development Bank, and the Inter-American Development Bank. He has been a member of the "Conseil d'Analyse Economique" which reports to the Prime Minister of France, of the French Finance Minister's "Commission des Comptes de la Nation" and of the Group of Independent Economic Advisors to the President of the European Commission. He has also advised the President of France and the governments of Cyprus and of the Russian Federation. He also consults with private financial institutions and is regularly invited to give lectures to public and private conferences.

Charles Wyplosz holds degrees in Engineering and Statistics from Centrale Paris and a PhD in Economics from Harvard University.


By Charles Wyplosz on Paris Innovation Review

La tentation d'une réponse simple à une question compliquée est souvent irrésistible, mais c'est aussi une promesse d'échec. Qui ne rêve d'éliminer la pauvreté? Malheureusement, le chemin du rêve à la réalité est parsemé d'embuches et les raisonnements trop simples, ou trop confus, sont un bien mauvais guide.
While certainly tempting, providing a simple answer to a complicated question is a straight road to failure. Ever since our alleged ancestors, Adam and Eve, were cast out of heaven, we all dream of a world where we will live a happy life, free from material contingencies. This dream is so deeply rooted that we embrace it immediately. Whether left-wing or right-wing, advocates of universal basic income generate a great deal of enthusiasm. Who wouldn't dream of eradicating poverty? Unfortunately, the path to dreams is strewn with pitfalls and overly simple or confusing reasoning gives improper advice.

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