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Choman Abdo was born in Iraq, and later moved to the Netherlands where he studied International Business and Languages. He graduated from Avans University of applied sciences in Den Bosch.

After university he joined Potential Asia as an SEO-specialist in Bali, Indonesia. Potential Asia's parent company is located in the UK, which sponsors Potential Asia as well as other startups.

Choman is very focused on the Fintech world and keeps digging for new information to share with the world, by making infographics.

By Choman Abdo on Paris Innovation Review

Le marché mondial des opérations de paiement dépasse les 100 milliards d'euros. Sur ce marché, une disruption majeure est en train de se produire. Des investissements colossaux ont déjà été réalisés et les États sont entrés dans le jeu, à travers des incubateurs.
Fintech? Over one thousand start-ups, all over the world, whose attempt to disintermediate the financial systems is a key challenge for banks and other financial institutions. A lot of money has already been invested and governments, through incubators, are now in the game. What does the global landscape look like?

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