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A graduate in international relations, Corinne Vadcar has a twenty years' experience in analyzing international trade and business internationalization. She is an expert on major trade trends, free trade agreements, global value chains (GVC) and trade policies. She is presently Senior Trade Analyst at Institut Friedland, a Paris-based think tank, crossing macro and micro researches and expertises.

Before joining Institut Friedland, Corinne Vadcar served as Head of International Trade Studies Department at the Paris Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry. For five years (2008-2013), she was the chief editor Les Cahiers de Friedland.

Prior to that position, she served as a Project Manager on geopolitical matters for a political risks insurance company and for the French Ministry of Defence.

By Corinne Vadcar on Paris Innovation Review

The slowdown in international trade and the digital revolution converge to shake up global value chains, a paradigm for international trade since approximately 25 years. A value chain, it should be recalled, encompasses all of the activities that form a product or service, from its conception to its use by the end consumer. The globalization of value chains that began in the early 1990s opened a cycle that now seems to bend. On these different links, the way value is created changes greatly. Western companies draw lessons by changing their business model. But emerging countries have also entered the game. Ultimately, maybe only a few winners with a global corporate status will be left.
La mondialisation des chaînes de valeur entamée au début des années 1990 a ouvert un cycle qui semble aujourd'hui s'infléchir. Sur les différents maillons, la manière de créer de la valeur évolue fortement. Les entreprises occidentales en tirent les enseignements en modifiant leur modèle économique. Mais les pays émergents entrent également dans le jeu. Il est possible qu'au final, il n'y ait que quelques gagnants au statut d'entreprise mondiale.

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