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Dominique Champon is a clinician physician, specialized in geriatrics. He started his career as a general practitioner, before joining the hospital of Plaisir-Grignon (Paris area) as a geriatrist. He is now a liberal geriatric doctor.

In addition to his work as a physician, he has designed or participated in the organization of geriatric care networks: a retirement home with assisted living, inter-generational activities and a home care network; Alzheimer's screening network by general practitioners, nurses and liberal pharmacists; a network of integrated geriatric care associating assessment day hospitals and rehabilitation, association of nurses case managers and general practitioners, nurses and physiotherapists.

By Dominique Champon on Paris Innovation Review

Libéralisme et progressisme sont en crise, et avec eux c’est notre modernité qui tremble sur ses bases. Ce qui est en cause, c’est notre capacité collective à imaginer et construire le futur. L’essor des neurosciences et plus particulièrement de la neuropsychologie peut nous aider à « relancer » nos sociétés.
The crisis of liberalism and progressivism is shaking the very foundations of Modernity. Our ability to imagine and build a collective future is under threat. The rise of neuroscience, and more specifically neuropsychology, can help us “relaunch” our societies.

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