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Born in Meknes (Morocco), Elie Cohen is a graduate (with distinction) from Sciences Po Paris (Economics and Finance Section - 1972). He holds a PhD in Management from the Université Paris-Dauphine and is formally accredited to lead research in political science.

He started his career as a junior researcher at Mines ParisTech, before joining the French CNRS. During his career he taught political economy in Harvard and industrial economy at the French National School of Administration (ENA)

He is now a Senior Researcher (CNRS) at Cevipof (Sciences Po) and has been for 15 years (1997-2012) a member of the Conseil d’analyse économique – CAE (Economic Analysis Council) which advises the the French Prime Minister.

His expertise ranges from the industrial economy to public policy and from the international economy to the political economy of innovation. Le Nouvel Age du Capitalisme, was the final volume in a series of books he published on various aspects of globalisation.

Over the past few years, he has conducted research with Harvard and Bruegel on growth policies and European integration. He has also carried out a number of missions for the European Commission, the UNDP, UNESCO, the EIB, etc.

Within the framework of the CAE, he has published a series of public policy papers covering subjects such as procedures for public bids, public service, higher education and industrial policy.


By Elie Cohen on Paris Innovation Review

Le naufrage de la sidérurgie britannique a donné lieu à des débats confus et parfois contradictoires. L'instrumentalisation politique de ses difficultés tend à masquer des questions relevant d'abord de stratégies industrielles. Celles des firmes concernées, bien sûr. Mais aussi celles des États et de l'Europe.
The sinking of the British steel industry has resulted in confusing, and sometimes contradictory debates. The politicization of these challenges tends to obscure questions having primarily to do with industrial strategies. Strategies of the concerned companies of course, but also those of States and Europe.


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