Luis Felipe R. Murillo / Post-doctoral researcher at the Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire de Sociologie Économique (CNAM/CNRS)

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Luis Felipe R. Murillo is an anthropologist whose research is dedicated to the study of political cultures of computing. He is currently working as a post-doctoral researcher at the Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire de Sociologie Économique (LISE-CNRS), Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM) in Paris, France. Free Software and Open Hardware amateur in the etymological and contemporary senses of the expression, he has studied transnational exchange dynamics for software and hardware
development in various parts of the globe, including Brazil, Japan, China, and the United States. He is currently studying emergent forms of collaborative IT development for large-scale collaboration in the sciences and humanities. His research work is supported by the Institut Francilien Recherche Innovation Société (IFRIS).

By Luis Felipe R. Murillo on Paris Innovation Review

Open source, open data, open tout et n’importe quoi… Les modèles « ouverts » issus du logiciel libre se diffusent tous azimuts dans le monde des entreprises. Un succès qui a son revers.
The landscape of open projects has expanded substantially, it was (partially) internationalized and became more complex, and different positionings about the future are in dispute among digital technologists vis-à-vis their “non-technical” users/others. This sea-change not only promoted a massive shift toward a business vision and prospect for Free Software, but also undermined a narrative that was anchored on the conceptualization of collaborative software development as a form of practical ethics.

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