François-Xavier Coudert / Researcher at Institut de Recherche de Chimie Paris (CNRS / Chimie ParisTech PSL University)

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François-Xavier Coudert is a CNRS Researcher (chargé de recherche) at Institut de Recherche de Chimie Paris, a joint CNRS / Chimie ParisTech PSL University research institute, in the Theoretical Chemistry & Modeling team.

His research group there is centered mainly on molecular simulation at various scales, covering first principles methods (quantum chemistry calculations, ab initio molecular dynamics), classical methods (force field-based molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo), and mesoscopic modeling.

His interests lie in the physical and chemical properties of porous materials, and in particular in the adsorption of fluids and the behavior of nano-confined phases.

He holds a masters degree from Ecole Normaler Supérieure (PSL Research University) and PhD from Université Paris-Sud. He was a post-doctoral researcher at University College London (Catlow group) in 2007-2008, before joining Chimie Paris.

By François-Xavier Coudert on Paris Innovation Review

Depuis les années 1990, la chimie a appris à synthétiser des polymères hybrides, associant des métaux et des molécules organiques. Une course s’est engagée entre les laboratoires pour identifier les plus intéressants de ces nouveaux matériaux nanoporeux et breveter leurs procédés de synthèse. Les usages industriels sont en train de s’inventer.
Since the 1990s, chemistry has been able to successfully synthesize hybrid polymers by combining metals with organic molecules. Laboratories are racing to identify the most interesting new nanoporous materials and patent their synthesis processes while new industrial uses are being explored.

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