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A graduate from HEC Paris and Bocconi University (Milano), Jean-Christophe Boulanger is the chairman of Contexte, an online newspaper focusing on French and European public policies.

From 2004 to 2008 he was a strategy consultant at Oliver Wyman. In 2005, he co-founded Telos, an online media bringing together economists and intellectuals. In December 2008 he became the main shareholder of Europe Actors, the company editor of he run the magazine for five years, before launching Contexte.

Jean-Christophe chairs the Union of Independent Press Information Online (Syndicat de la Presse Indépendante d’Information en Ligne, Spiil). He is the chairman of HEC Web.

A graduate from Sciences Po and Université Paris Dauphine, Laurent Lauriac started his career as an entrepreneur, creating a news agency (Colombus News).

In 1994 he joined the French newspaper Libération as a journalist with a strong background in business and technologies. He was the editor for the weekly multimedia supplement and launched the newspaper's website (1994-1998), before switching to the business section and specializing in new technologies and the Internet (1998-2001). He became the editor of the business section (2002-2005), before opening the New York Bureau of the newspaper.

In 2007 he cofounded Rue89, one of France’s early pure player magazines. He was the magazine’s managing director for seven years, before quitting in July 2014.

Along with art director Alexandre Brachet (Upian – the studio that created ParisTech Review logo and website) and CTO Damien Cirotteau (ex Rue89), Jean-Christophe and Laurent launched in 2014.

By Jean-Christophe Boulanger & Laurent Mauriac on Paris Innovation Review

Overcoming the pessimism that permeates many visions of the future of the news media, today we find ourselves in a period of intense activity, i.e. in the “creative” phase of a Schumpeterian moment. Many startups no longer rely on advertising and are refocusing on the service provided to the reader. Crowdfunding has freed up initiatives and is allowing for experimentation., a daily newsletter launched in 2014, was born of such experimentation.
En rupture avec le pessimisme qui imprègne beaucoup de visions de l’avenir de la presse, nous sommes aujourd’hui dans une période de bouillonnement, que l’on peut voir comme la phase de création dans un moment schumpétérien. On voit apparaître de nombreuses startups, qui ne misent plus sur la publicité mais se recentrent sur le service rendu au lecteur. Le crowdfunding a libéré des initiatives et permet des expérimentations., une lettre quotidienne lancée en 2014, en est une.

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