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After graduating from Mines ParisTech and a military service on the French pacific ocean atoll of Mururoa, Jean-Luc Legoupil joined in 1977 CLESID, which became over the years CLECIM and Siemens Metals Technology.

Among his main assignments, he directed a major three year project in Pittsburgh and Cleveland (200 million USD), several product divisions, created a new industrial imagery company and was granted 18 international patents. He is today developing new products for the radio industry.

By Jean-Luc Legoupil on Paris Innovation Review

Emissions of air pollutants have plummeted in France since 1990. But progress is yet to be made, especially in urban areas, in industrial zones and paradoxically in the countryside: these pollutants, which have become less visible and more subtle, are carried by winds and across borders. In this area, rigorous scientific analysis is required to allow to devote our collective and individual resources to share the actually most effective actions for our well-being.
Les émissions de polluants atmosphériques ont considérablement baissé en France depuis 1990. Mais de nombreux progrès restent à accomplir, surtout en ville, dans les zones industrielles et aussi paradoxalement dans les campagnes: ces polluants sont devenus moins visibles et plus subtils, et se déplacent au gré des vents et au-delà des frontières. Dans ce domaine, une analyse scientifique rigoureuse est nécessaire pour permettre d'affecter nos moyens collectifs et individuels aux actions réellement les plus efficaces pour notre bien-être.

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