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Laurent De Windt is a Research Director in Mines ParisTech. He holds a PhD in Chemistry and an HdR in Geosciences (UPMC). His fields are chemistry of solutions and materials, applied to natural and industrial environments; speciation and migration of pollutants in soils and aquifers; kinetic, thermodynamic and coupled modeling.

Vincent Lagneau is the Deputy Director of Center of Geosciences. He holds and engineering degree from Ecole Polytechnique, a PhD from Mines ParisTech and a HDR in Geosciences. His research themes deal with understanding and quantifying water-gas-rock interfaces in porous media. He coordinates and actively participates in the development of the code HYTEC, which couples the description of transfer mechanisms (water and dissolved elements, gas, heat) with geochemical reactions. The simulations and developments explore the relationships that can modify the behavior of these highly coupled and non-linear systems.

By Laurent De Windt & Vincent Lagneau on Paris Innovation Review

Hytec est un outil de modélisation innovant, croisant les savoirs de la chimie et de l’hydrodynamique. Conçu à l’origine pour répondre à un besoin très précis, autour du stockage des déchets nucléaires, il a évolué au fil du temps pour devenir une plateforme générique, permettant de traiter certains aspects critiques de quelques-uns des grands problèmes de notre époque, comme le stockage du CO2 ou la gestion des ressources naturelles. Une plateforme destinée aux chercheurs, mais qui se prête déjà à un usage industriel.
Hytec is an innovative modeling tool based on the combined knowledge of chemistry and hydrodynamics. Originally designed to address a very specific need, i.e. the storage of nuclear waste, it evolved over time into a generic platform aimed at dealing with critical aspects of major issues of our time, such as carbon storage or natural resource management. It is a platform for researchers, but ready for industrial applications.

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