Nathalie Bozzolo / Professor in Physical Metallurgy at Mines ParisTech PSL Research University, holder of ANR Industrial Chair Safran Opale

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After starting her career as an assistant professor at Université de Lorraine (1999-2009), Nathalie Bozzolo joined Mines ParisTech as a professor and senior researcher. Her speciality is materials science and aterials engineering. She is a member of the Metallurgy, Structure, Rheology team in Centre de mise en forme des matériaux, a research center of Mines ParisTech located in Sophia-Antipolis (Southern France). She is also the holder of ANR industrial chair Safran Opale, dedicated to optimising properties of nickel base superalloys by controlling the microstructures obtained after forging.

By Nathalie Bozzolo on Paris Innovation Review

Studying metals at a mesoscopic scale is both a major scientific breakthrough and a competitiveness challenge for the aeronautics industry. A research team is involved in this change of scale which resulted in significant progress in terms of industrial control.
Étudier les métaux à l’échelle mésoscopique, c’est à la fois une percée scientifique majeure et un enjeu de compétitivité pour la filière aéronautique. Une équipe de Mines ParisTech est à l’origine de ce changement d’échelle, qui permet des progrès considérables en termes de maîtrise industrielle.

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