Olga Kokshagina / Innovation Manager, STIM, Associated Researcher at the Chair of Design Theory and Methods for Innovation, Mines ParisTech PSL Research University

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Olga Kokshagina is an Innovation manager at STIM, a spin-off of Mines ParisTech (a member of PSL Research University) dedicated to implementing CK method within industrial firms.

She holds a Ph.D in management science from Mines ParisTech PSL Research University. Her research was a part of CIFRE program conducted in collaboration with STMicroelectronics where she was deeply engaged in a range of innovative projects.

An associated researcher at the Chair of Design Theory and Methods for Innovation, Mines ParisTech, she leads the research related activities of the International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM) as a Scientific Coordinator.


By Olga Kokshagina on Paris Innovation Review

Les brevets représentent des actifs stratégiques en théorie, mais en pratique ils sont encore traités comme une activité secondaire. Et s'ils n'étaient pas des résultats, mais au contraire un moyen de penser l’avenir de votre entreprise? Encore faut-il se doter d’une méthode rigoureuse pour concevoir les brevets. L'industrie des semi-conducteurs en a expérimenté une, avec succès : C-K Invent.
Undoubtedly patents represent, today, a major criterion in making investment decisions and in firms' competitive advantage. Yet, the way we deal with designing patentable inventions does not reflect their strategic potential. Patents are strategic assets in theory but mainly secondary activity in practice. What if they were not an outcome but an input to craft your company's' future?


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