Pascal Le Masson / Professor at Mines ParisTech PSL Research University, Deputy Director of the Centre for Management Science

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Pascal Le Masson is a Professor of Management at Mines ParisTech PSL Research University, Chair of Design Theory and Methods for Innovation. He is also the Deputy Director of the Centre for Management Science (Centre de gestion scientifique).

An engineer by training (Mines ParisTech, 1996), Pascal Le Masson holds a PhD in Management Science from Mines ParisTech (2001) and a Habilitation from East-Paris University (2008).

Along with with Eswaran Subrahmanian (Carnegie Mellon University), he is the Chairman of the Design Theory Special Interest Group of the Design Society. He is also the Chairman of the Innovation SIG of the European Academy of Management.


By Pascal Le Masson on Paris Innovation Review

La théorie C-K, ce sont des méthodes aujourd'hui largement déployées dans le monde industriel, ayant contribué à des succès majeurs. C'est surtout une percée théorique, qui a révolutionné notre façon d'aborder la conception.
The C-K theory encompasses methods widely implemented in the industrial world and that have achieved several notable successes. Ultimately, this theoretical breakthrough has revolutionized our approach to design.

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