Patrick Achard / Senior scientist at PERSEE (Centre Processes, Renewable Energies and Energetic Systems), a research lab of Mines ParisTech PSL Research University

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An engineer by training (ENSAM, Paris, 1977), Patrick Achard holds a PhD from Mines ParisTech (1986) as well as a 'habilitation à diriger les recherches' from INP Grenoble (1995). His research interests are thermal environments, energy and materials, energy storage and conversion processes, improving energy efficiency and reducing the environmental impact. He also teaches to engineering students in Mines ParisTech.

By Patrick Achard on Paris Innovation Review

Les aérogels ressemblent à des morceaux de nuage. Cette famille de matériaux nanostructurés, d'une étonnante légèreté, est enfin sortie des labos pour passer en phase d'exploitation industrielle. Connus depuis les années 1930, ils ont pris leur essor il y a une trentaine d'années: trois décennies éprouvantes et passionnantes pour les chercheurs qui s'y sont consacrés. Mais la persévérance a fini par payer.
Aerogels? Imagine cloud chunks. This family of surprisingly light nanostructured materials has finally moved from research labs and entered the operational phase at industrial scale. Known since the 1930s, they took off some thirty years ago – three challenging and exciting decades for the researchers involved in their development. Three decades of hard work as well, that ultimately paid off.

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