Philippe Fuchs

Professor, chair Robotics and VR, PSA Peugeot-Citroën / Mines ParisTech - PSL

Philippe Fuchs is an expert in virtual reality, full professor at Mines ParisTech - PSL.

An engineer by training (École Centrale de Nantes), he is managing the  RV&RA research team (Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality) at Mines ParisTech's Robotics Research Center. He was for a long time president of the French Association of Virtual reality and augmented reality.

Philippe is also an ultramarathon runner. He ran from Palaiseau to the North Cape (3,200 km in summer 1995), from Bures-sur-Yvette to Athens (2,400 km in summer 2004), and in the summer of 2008, he ran from Paris to Beijing (8,500 km).

He is the author of numerous scientific and popular publications about virtual reality, including Traité de la réalité virtuelle (collective work under the direction of Philippe Fuchs, 101 authors, 5 volumes, Presses des Mines, 2006), Virtual reality and video game helmets (Presses des Mines, 2016), and a more personal book reflecting on the formidable adaptation capacities of the human body, observed during these various excursions and more particularly during his adventure running from Paris to Beijing:  Adaptation et conditionnement, réflexions en courant de Paris à Pékin (Edilivre, 2015). His most recent book, Théorie de la réalité virtuelle (A Theory of Virtual Reality), was released by Presses des Mines in March 2018.

Philippe Fuchs

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