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A graduate from HEC Paris, Romain Keppenne started his career in Washington, DC, as a trainee for the European External Action Service, before joining the European Parliament Liaison Office with the U.S. Congress as an intern, monitoring various events and monitoring the US presidential campaign.

He went back to Europe in November 2015 and was hired as a business analyst by LeBonBail, a legal tech startup based in Belgium and operating on Belgian and French markets.

By Romain Keppenne on Paris Innovation Review

Over a number of years, the legal industry has been affected by a troubling change that looks every day less like a science fiction story. Lawyers and legal experts are witnessing the rise of digital services that integrate increasingly complex functions of the legal sector. The rise of Legal Tech has spawned a proliferation of startups focusing on the development of new technologies. Hence, secular jobs, which should have been spared by new technologies, are at the forefront of an assimilation phenomenon by artificial intelligences. Will robots wear court dresses in a near future?
Depuis plusieurs années déjà, le secteur juridique est touché par une évolution troublante qui s'apparente chaque jour un peu moins à un récit de science fiction. Les avocats et juristes s'interrogent à la vue de services numériques performants intégrant des fonctions de plus en plus complexes des métiers du droit. La Legal Tech est en plein essor, avec une multiplication des startups misant sur l'essor des nouvelles technologies. Des métiers séculaires, que l'on aurait pu croire épargnés par les nouvelles technologies, se trouvent ainsi au premier rang du phénomène d’assimilation par les intelligences artificielles. Dans un futur proche, le robot portera-t-il la robe?

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