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Stefan Lindegaard is a Copenhagen-based author, speaker and consultant.

His focus on the topics of open innovation, social media tools and intrapreneurship has propelled him into being a trusted advisor to many large corporations. He believes open innovation requires a global perspective and he has given talks and worked with companies on open innovation in Europe, South America, the U.S. and Asia.

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A regular contributor to Business Bloomberg and Crowdsourcing Week, he has published four books: Social Media for Corporate Innovators and Entrepreneurs: Add Power to Your Innovation Efforts;
Making Open Innovation Work; The Open Innovation Revolution ; Næste Stop: Åben Innovation (Danish)

By Stefan Lindegaard on Paris Innovation Review

Au cours du XXe siècle, les États et les grands organismes publics tels que la NASA ou le CEA ont joué un rôle majeur dans la chaîne de l'innovation. Internet lui-même est né grâce à des programmes publics, tout comme le GPS et de nombreuses autres technologies. Si l'État reste au centre du jeu dans la recherche scientifique, en matière d'innovation technologique son rôle est à réinventer.
During the 20th century Governments and public agencies such as NASA played a major role in the innovation chain. The Internet itself was born through public programs, just as GPS and many other game-changing technologies. But in recent years, questions arose over the efficiency of public efforts, challenged by smart, dynamic, powerful corporations such as Google, on the one hand, or bottom-up and open source models, on the other hand. Are Governments out of the game?

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