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Prof Sundaravalli Narayanaswami has earned her PhD in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from IIT Bombay, after a Masters in Computer Science. Her teaching interests are in Intelligent Transportation systems, Operations Research in public systems, Operations Management, Urban transportation, in addition to Management Information systems and Knowledge Management. Most of her research in the past and present are in transportation operations and knowledge management that involve applications of ICT and OR tools in real-life problems of large impact.

Prof Narayanaswami started her career in IT services marketing and she soon moved to a production profile in an electronics equipment manufacturing industry. Her academic career began later and she has taught at various programs in Mumbai University and at Institutes under the UAE Federal education ministry in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. She has also taught in many Executive development programs while at UAE. She publishes and reviews regularly for scholarly editorials and presents her research findings among peers, both in India and abroad.

She is a life member of several professional associations and holds a Fellowship from the British Computer Society. She also serves on the Editorial board of the Annals of Management Science. Her consultancy assignments are majorly with Government organizations in policy decisions related to operations, technology and management.

By Sundaravalli Narayanaswami on Paris Innovation Review

Urban travel demand has to be understood from the context of differentiated urban growth. To some extent, capacity increase is possible by slight modifications with little or no investments such as signaling changes, widening of roads and extricating encroachments. But what works for one city may not work for the other, though some valuable lessons can be learned.
La gestion du transport est un enjeu majeur dans la compétition mondiale entre métropoles. Dans de nombreux endroits du monde, les villes sont en pleine expansion. Une planification urbaine bien menée a des implications considérables sur la croissance des entreprises et, dans ce domaine, la qualité des transports joue souvent un rôle clé. Mais les problèmes ne se posent pas partout de la même façon. L'Inde est un cas d'école.

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