Yves Legrain / Researcher, former member of France's Economical, Social and Environmental Council

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A researcher in neurophysiology by training, Yves Legrain holds a PhD form University of Paris. After a career in the pharmaceutical industry, he took responsibilities in CFDT, a French labor union, first in its Chemistry Federation, then at central level as a CFDT Confederal Secretary. As such, he became a member of France’s Economical, Social and Environmental Council (Conseil économique, social et environnemental, CESE), a constitutional consultative assembly, which advises the government. The Council represents the leading economic and social actors, facilitates co-operation among the various professional interest groups and ensures that they contribute to the government’s economic, social and environmental policy.

Mr. Legrain was in charge of two CESE reports, one on biomedicine in 2009 (Les biomédicaments : des opportunités à saisir pour l'industrie pharmaceutique / Biopharmaceutical: opportunities for the pharmaceutical industry) and one on circular economy in 2014 (Transition vers une industrie économe en matières premières / Transitions towards a less consuming industrial model).

By Yves Legrain on Paris Innovation Review

Dans le monde industriel, l'économie circulaire fait l'objet d'une attention de plus en plus vive. Certaines entreprises trouvent dans le recyclage l'opportunité de développer de nouvelles activités, d'autres cherchent dans l'éco-conception un moyen de reconstituer leurs marges, d'autres enfin y voient une occasion de repenser en profondeur leur organisation. L'image de marque n'est pas absente de ces préoccupations, mais l'économie circulaire est désormais un sujet industriel. Pour autant, beaucoup reste à faire pour la rendre pleinement opérationnelle. L'enjeu aujourd’hui est de l'amener à maturité.
In industrial spheres, the trend towards circular economy is drawing increasing closer attention. Some companies have identified in the recycling business an opportunity to develop new activities, while others see eco-design as a means to raise profit margins, while yet others see a way to re-think their corporate organization. Corporate image is part of the changing scene, but the circular economy concept is now a real industrial concern. Nonetheless, a lot remains to be done to make it fully operational. The challenge is now to see the concept reach maturity.


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