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A Zero|Base health system

Society June 10th, 2016, Antoine Dubout & Guy Vallancien / President, French Federation of Private and Non-Profit Hospitals and Personal Assistance Organizations & President, Convention on Health Analysis and Management

Sirius has four characteristics. He is strictly rational and insensitive to any emotional stimulus. He is also insensitive to any political or corporate pressure. He ignores all existing health systems worldwide. He has a full capacity of understanding and immediate learning. Were Sirius asked to design a completely new health system, what would it look like?

A Zero|Base system for secondary education

Society April 14th, 2010, Jean Salmona / J&P Partners & Paris Innovation Review

This first article in our Zero/base series, like all the ones to come, is purely an intellectual exercise. This one describes what a secondary education system might look like if it ignored all existing educational models and was based on current information technology resources and on the way children and adolescents behave today.

The Zero|Base Series

PTR Editors April 14th, 2010, Jean Salmona / J&P Partners & Paris Innovation Review

The purpose of our zero|base series is to take non-profit sectors of society and design new, optimal systems adapted to today’s world, taking advantage of all available technological innovations but deliberately ignoring existing structures and socio-political constraints.

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